Digital Signage Implementation Services

Digital Signage Implementation Services

Remote Support

Help desk

Retailers, Partners, Network Owners and Administrators can contact us directly to aid content delivery, system training and respond to queries
and issues.
Continual access to the latest software upgrades, coupled with our on-site service programs, ensure that you never have to worry about unexpected failures or future incompatibilities.

Online ticketing system

Any partner, client or user, even advertiser can post online requests on a 24/7 basis. The sophisticated – easy to use ticketing system will help you to
get solutions from our experts.

Onsite Technical support and maintenance

Onsite Service Plan

The Service Plan provides you with the benefits of the Parts Warranty and on-site service for the repair or replacement of failed hardware. The service process includes the following activities:

  • Hardware remote monitoring
  • Technical & Maintenance Services

Administration Services

Use your time more productively and let signage experts run the administration at low cost. It is the worry-free way to keep your digital signage program running.
Even if you decide to administrate your new-born digital signage network, our recommended process includes a period that management transferred from our hands to yours.
Administration Services package include:

  • Optional consulting about planning.
  • Administration on where, what and when to play upon your orders.
  • Content creators handling and content evaluation.
  • Media file format conversions.
  • Hardware remote monitoring.
  • Reporting.