Resorts, Hotels, Casinos and Cruise Ships

Over the past few years, hospitality organizations recognized that digital signage can provide assistance to visitors in a costeffective manner while also
enhancing the environment of the building. Increase guest awareness of property amenities by several uses of Re-sign digital signage, such as:

  • Greet visitors, provide directions and announce events or activity schedules.
  • Direct guests to location of meetings or other events.
  • Provide value-added advertising to guests or cross-promotions with local businesses.
  • Use touch-screen systems to provide way finding services to guests, dinner or ticket reservations.
  • Provide business executives information on meeting and conference rooms.
  • Display in-room branded advertising for facilities and amenities including restaurants, spas, and fitness centers.
  • Display In-room equipment functionality instructions.


Re-sign digital signage is the perfect medium to inform, entertain and inspire customers and to influence their behavior at the point of purchase, while enhancing the ambience of your leisure space. With Re-sign digital signage you can:

  • Greet visitors.
  • Display restaurant menu boards.
  • Suggest gastronomic combinations or menu of the day.