Digital signage benefits

Results of well applied digital signage

Digital signage results

Re-sign multi™ digital signage is the qualified medium to:

  • Inform your audience by delivering crucial information at the right time.
  • Entertain customers and influence them at the point of purchase.
  • Drive sales in specific areas and highlight promotions.
  • Reduces perceived waiting time
  • Enhances brand perception and increase brand awareness
  • Boost staff morale, motivates teamwork and improve company communication.
  • Enhance leisure time, entertain, help and train your employees.

Well-designed digital signage can bring significant boost to your sales. Note that, our position is that content is the king and digital signage network is the queen. Several studies in marketplaces recorded the following results:

  • A study conducted by POPAI/ ARF found that 74% of consumer purchase decisions are made in-store.
  • A study conducted by fount that digital signage can afford up to 48% brand awareness, 32% sales growth, 33% sales growth on returning customers and 35 growth of visitors.