RE-SIGN™ Flight Information Display System

A Stable, Flexible And Eye-Catching Flight Information Display System: The new face of your Airport

Integrate, Manage, Create, Deliver, Schedule, Broadcast, Show, Alert, Report with One Effective Solution

A Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is one of the key systems of every airport aimed to display public flight information on monitors.

Flight Information Display System also represents the central source of actual flight information to airport staff. It also provides useful interfaces for data updates.


Flight Information Display Systems are considered by many to be the "Face of Airports". They must provide accurate, easy-to-understand information to travellers and their escorts.

It's not just about moving passengers from point A to point B. Effective digital signage is about providing your audience the information they need when they need it, and enhancing the experience along the way.

Re-sign™ Flight Information Display System is an engaging, dynamic system that increases customer satisfaction by conveying the latest information in an ever-changing environment. It can help improve operational performance and contribute to a safer security environment within the airport.

Re-sign™ Flight Information Display System is a complete system for the display of flight related information for arrivals, departures, checkin counters, boarding gates and baggage belts. Driven by the powerful Re-sign™ digital signage platform it can also distribute rich content by time or screen area sharing such as communication messages, touring information or advertisements, further increasing efficiency and creating new marketing opportunities.

With Re-sign™ digital signage you can:

  • Display flight information related to flights, gates, check-in counters and baggage belts.
  • Display instructions and special announcements, such as guidelines to help passengers to efficient pass through checkpoints.
  • Entertain or inform travelers with news.
  • Display emergency alerts.
  • Promote goods.

Usually displays are installed in areas of flight services. Displays can also be installed in drive-through lines, business lounges, café and fast-foods, stores and duty-free shopping areas. Well informed customers and visitors about flights can spend longer in the stores without worrying.



Self recovered, visual remote monitoring of each display.

Low cost

Re-sign™ FIDS, can be implemented in a short time and at minimal cost. Thanks to flexible architecture, the system can be expanded at any time. It is a powerful end-to- end application with minimum cost.

Ideal for digital advertising

Full integrated with digital signage platform. Scheduling and tracking of promotions or advertisements.

Scalable, fully customizable

Re-sign™ FIDS enables you to incorporate data from almost any data source into an information display. Modular design allow the system to be adopted at your needs.

Easy to manage

The web-based staff administration system, covered by multi-level user access layers, enables staff to view/manage data from any workstation in the airport intranet. A lot of capabilities for programmable and scheduled automatic operation, makes their effort more efficient.

Low training cost

A fast start-up time and low training costs are some other positive effects, as most people already have experience with using browsers.


Stability and Reliability

Re-sign™ is based on the most stable Linux open source operating system. Advanced hardware and self-maintenance functions ensure that every one system operates continuously, records and reports back any problem.

High system availability

Mirroring feature on Re-sign™ Server allows the system to fully operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with zero downtime. Decentralized data handling allows the continuous operation of displays even for sort-time network unavailability (for example when replacing a network switch).

Independence from hardware

Re-sign™ FIDS ensures that operators are independent from any individual hardware supplier. Technological advances and competition between hardware vendors can thus be used to your advantage.


You will be able to make excellent use of previous investments.

First-class monitoring

Advanced features such as remote monitoring, remote screen capturing, detailed media and event statistics.

Increasing of hardware life

Advanced hardware self-management functions control the hardware, ensure that every one system will be on or off according to schedule.


  • Enhances the airport image.
  • Improves customer service: high system availability, time accurate information, eye caching displayed information.
  • Optimises passenger flow through the airport.
  • Provides airline and airport staff with accurate operational information.
  • The flexible and easy to operate system allows users to specify precisely what information shall appear where and when.



Staff can find, add or modify related to flights data and also configure the basic settings of Re-sign™ FIDS. The configured settings apply to automated procedures of the Re-sign™FIDS application.

Predefined and editable data related to flights

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Aircrafts
  • Flight Nature
  • Flight Status
Data related to airport infrastructure
  • Checkin Classes
  • Checkin Counters
  • Gates
  • Belts


From Flights section the staff can monitor the actual flight list, modify or add a new flight and modify the scheduled/repeated flight records.

The Flights List section contains a search form to easy filter the displayed flight records. It also contains options to modify the frequency of updating the flights list. The Flights list displays all necessary fields of each flight to monitor the status of the flight:

  • Flight Number
  • Scheduled, estimated and actual times
  • Direction (Arrival / Departure) and flight nature
  • Airline code and name, airline logo and aircraft
  • Main airport and all Via airports
  • Public and Internal Status
  • Details such as Terminal, Exit, Checkin Counters and chekin status, Gate and gate status, Belt and belt status.