Integrate, Manage, Create, Deliver, Schedule, Broadcast, Show, Alert, Report with One Effective Solution

  • The ad-server runs the Re-sign Server Software on industry standard PHP/Apache/MySQL/Linux Platform. Our servers have
    advanced hardware features to retain availability up to 99.99% and they have extreme connectivity up to 100 GBps.
  • Re-sign™ Display Software also works with a PHP/Apache/MySQL platform on a Linux based operating system designed for
    24/7 availability of a service. Sophisticated functions and watchdogs self-manage the displays to ensure that everyone display
    works smoothly and properly even if the connection with server brakes for days.
  • All the programming of what, where and when to display is done on the ad-server. Every point retrieves the necessary data from
    the server and displays the programmed advertisements.
  • The global or the local administrator can login via network or directly to Re-sign™ Display Software and perform limited actions
    such as manual sync.


To give live to a digital signage network with Re-sign multi™ you need at least:

  • One ad-server for the administration.
  • The Re-sign™ server software installed on the ad-server.
  • One or thousands of display points consisted of:
    • Professional monitor (or a set of displays)
    • Build in or external computer
    • Network access to the ad-server (wired or wireless)
    • Pre-installed the Re-sign™ Display Software

Ad-server may be hosted in our data center provided as hosted service or can be installed into client's infrastructure.